Every year, almost 10 million accidents occur in Germany. Around 2 thirds of this are attributable to private leisure accidents and around 1 third to occupational accidents. Insurance through the statutory accident insurance only exists in exceptional cases and is often not sufficient. It is therefore recommended that every natural person take out private accident insurance.

Private accident insurance insures the financial consequences of physical harm caused by an accident. An accident occurs when the insured person suffers damage to his health as a result of a sudden, involuntary external event.

But what actually happens after such an event and how should I behave towards the insurance company?

In any case, you should report the accident damage to the insurer immediately. If necessary, they will request further documents (doctor’s reports, etc.) and the completed damage report. Then you will finally receive a letter from the company informing you of their deadlines. Firstly , by when the disability must have occurred. Second , by when the disability must be established and thirdby when the claims must be made. The last two points are the most important for the timely enforcement of the service. Because the second point says by when you have to go to a doctor or expert and he will certify your disability. The last deadline then supplements the expiry or the latest submission of the report to the insurer.

Understanding this whole procedure correctly is difficult for many. That is why I offer my clients an exclusive claims service here. In addition to the correspondence with the insurer, I monitor the deadlines and refer to experts and lawyers accordingly to enforce your interests.

If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you!

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